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Why We Procrastinate & 3 Easy Steps To Beat It By a Global Life Coach, Ms. Divya Aggarwal

If you've chosen to read this, you’re probably overwhelmed because of severe procrastination.
Whether you've been procrastinating minor tasks which are simply hurting your daily productivity or you've procrastinated the biggest tasks that have stopped you from achieving your goals and now you feel like you aren't in charge of your own life.

Do you know why we procrastinate?

There are three reasons we procrastinate:

The most common reason: is because we like living in our comfort zone.
Why struggle if it's not hurting us to be in the same spot? It's easy because you already know how to stay here.

HOW TO BEAT IT: Give your task an intention of passion.
If you've been procrastinating, list 3 reasons you need to do it to fulfill your passion. Make it glorious, make it your reason for existence. Extraordinary people do ordinary things uniquely.
For example, I have to arrange my wardrobe impeccably because I am a glorious CEO in making, I have to live the part and prepare myself for the life to come.

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The second reason, as quoted by Robin Sharma in his book “The 5 AM Club” is our primitive mind doesn't know what will happen once we start performing any other way than we are used to, anything out of the ordinary our primitive mind recognizes as DANGER. Our fear of the unknown makes us give in to temptations and distractions.
Hence, we find ourselves inconsistent and struggling to hop out of our comfort zone.

HOW TO BEAT IT: explore what lies beyond your fears. Create a plan of action and follow it consistently even if you take the tiniest steps every day. A guided workbook or planner is helpful in this step.
Choose something super easy and for a limited time. An annual planner can be intimidating hence start slow.

Our 23 Days challenge booklet and 90 days planner can be a great help (*wink wink*) (Don’t forget to use the “FREEPLANNER” code at the end to get a FREE 90 days planner)

This is a revelation I had with my experience working with high-productivity individuals, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and visionaries. You know it all, they know what they have to do to be successful but the motivation is missing.

HOW TO BEAT IT: If this is what you're struggling with then you need to self-reflect because it's not motivation you're lacking.
Say for example you find yourself scrolling your phone, chatting with friends, or watching Netflix- you're seeking a new experience, reconnection, or rejuvenation respectively. Once you fulfill that need, you'll be able to beat procrastination!
Then "wake up" to whatever you're doing (even if it's binge-watching Netflix or spending hours on the Daily Mail), and do it intentionally. When we shift from autopilot to intentionality, we're empowered to make a change in behavior that doesn't serve us. Now get up and get started.
Remember, don’t be afraid to ask for help. I am Divya Aggarwal- A life Coach and Celebrity Image Consultant who is always here to help you in every step of yours.
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