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How Time Management and self-care can help you become a Happy Working Mother

I would look after myself when I have time for the same. Right now, with work, kids, family household chores it feels impossible.

As a working mom, I have always kept my family’s needs ahead of mine. It took me a lot of time to realize that self-care has been underrated for the longest time. After all, ”You cannot pour from an empty glass”. Taking out time for myself and working on my own care is required for my mind and soul- to be ready for the daily grind.

Women today are breaking the glass ceiling and taking the road less traveled. They are determined, driven, passionate about their work & focused like never before. In the hustle, one thing that often remains unacknowledged is self-care & health.

As more & more attributes are added to a woman's role it is important for us to take charge of our life and invest time carefully to attain our full potential. Especially for working mothers like me, managing self & time is a great tool for a content life.

Time Management and self-care with simple changes

Around 1 year ago, under Divya’s guidance, I started waking up just 15 mins before everyone else in the house. It was difficult for me to understand initially. But then slowly I figured out that it was a simple act of self-care. I gave myself those 15 mins. Those 15 mins of the day were completely mine.

This time "with myself" helped me manage emotions. I started dumping my thoughts in the morning, calming my senses, and welcoming positive energies with 10 mins of meditation.

Today after a year, those 15 mins have converted to 1 hour. But that does not mean I have stopped taking care of my family.

We all get the same 24 hours. That is why understanding how to manage time was important for me.

Today I wake up 1 hour earlier to my family now.

How do I wake up early? is the biggest question everyone has.

Let me tell you a secret it never starts from the day, it starts from the previous night.

Planning my day in advance by using the quadrants system, keeping my clothes out for the next day, doing meal preparation at night, and much more.

Better time management skills like early rising & creating daily tasks help me in planning for the day in such a way that it leads to improved outcomes. If something comes up unexpectedly, I have room for it and can manage it without getting stressed, overwhelmed, and worked up about it.

Learning to set boundaries

Making my family members understand that when it's time to work am busy does not make me any less available for them when they need me.

In fact, when I have my tasks streamlined, I am more mindfully present for my kids and spend all my time with them without any work stress. When the day is planned, a working mom like me can easily juggle multiple roles without finding it overwhelming.

And all this would not have been possible without the learning and my journey at Ksenia Consultation. Understanding the importance of morning routine to help me set my day and flow as per the quadrant system made my life easy and worth living.

I can proudly say it's been a remarkable journey for me so far.

I could have chosen to stay an overwhelmed working mom waiting for the right day to come when I would work on myself or my needs. But I choose to take charge of my inner peace.

With time management and understanding the importance of taking care of myself, I am a much happier and more confident working mom than I could ever be with a great bond with my family.

I have been able to create a positive mindset and routines for myself and my family. I am sharing my experiences and learnings and helping other working moms in being better at managing time, setting routines without getting overwhelmed now.

I use my experience as a techie and now help moms to use technology to their advantage. You can follow me on thekapilogy where I help working moms manage work, motherhood, and life.

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Ecstatic Living
Ecstatic Living
Apr 02, 2022

Lovely article.

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