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Millennial’s guide to a stress free day

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

It’s a Monday morning and I flip the pillow to get to the colder side, aah just like my exes soul. Jolting, I wake up looking for my phone and see my reminders that are pilling up more than the notifications from last night. Ugh; procrastination, thou art b*tch.

I roll out of bed and stare at the wall for a good 20 mins and regret even waking up. I scroll endlessly through Instagram while my anxiety is playing ball with my thought to which I finally rush to the washroom and take a shower.

I look at the clock “9:15 AM”. Am I late? Yes. Have I done what my boss asked to do last night? No. Am I going to rush through it and lose my sanity? Probably.

Since childhood we have been told that procrastination is a disgusting habit and one should never do it but is that really true? Isn’t it fun to watch yourself spiral over 5000 calories and cheesy rom-coms.

Sure it is not a very good skill to have but it’s not all bad. Let’s take one teeny tiny step at a time, shall we?

  1. The Night before: We know how tempting it is to watch that one extra episode on Netflix but well, is it worth the feeling of FAILING the entire week?! Try the quadrant method. It’s a planner method that you can do on any sheet of paper and feel instantly relieved. However, if you want to do this good? We have a printable FREEBIE for you. Save this day planner sheet and get 100% more done. We swear, zero anxiety to ruin your day. 

  2. Tick-it like a pro: The sheer pleasure of striking the task that you’ve done out of your planner is immense. Treat yourself every time you complete one task, nib on a piece of your favourite snack or watch an episode of your favourite show (not too often though 😛

3. ASK-A-MOM: Use this lifeline in case of emergency.

When you know you are terribly failing and you’ve got a mom who can pick on all the intricacies of the tasks that are pending then you’re good to go. If you’re feeling like a khatron ka khiladi then ask her to hold you accountable for at least 21 days. 

Although, proceed with caution. Tripping on success is addictive.

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