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What has happened since the outbreak of Coronavirus!

  1. I’ve seen people wake up with lesser anxiety and have a feeling of bliss wash over.

2. Sit down and think about how their life was just a rush of going to work, not working and then complaining about work, coming home exhausted and annoyed with their bosses and families.

3.Families are having breakfast together and taking their time with a meal. 

4. Things are changing, because all of us are in a countrywide lockdown we pretty much don’t have a lot to do so I’ve seen families get together and have FUN? Meet up on their terrace and play games. It’s a fresh sight, almost uncanny.

5. The night ends with apps crashing. Yes, Ludo star, house party, psych etc have heavy servers because friends are now chilling together without (I hope) getting intoxicated.

6. Is it all so bad that we wake up to a cleaner AQI? (Check your city’s now) We hear birds chirping in the morning with zero horns in the background.

Ksenia Fam, We’ve crossed 2500 and we are going strong! I’ve had this time to reflect on how blessed I am.😊😊😊 Thank you, to the people who said my dreams are a joke. Thank you, to the people who said failures don’t succeed. Thank you, to the people who said I am too dark to be pretty. Thank you, to the people who believed that women can’t run a business. Thank you, to the people who said building people isn’t a profession. •••• Thank you, to the 2500 of you who think otherwise. Thank you, to the amazing team of Ksenia for toiling day in and day out. Thank you, to the strong pillars of my life, my parents who kept me up no matter how many times I fell. Thank you, to the friend who believed in me from miles away. Thank you, to all the beautiful and strong clients who trust us with their life. • • • • #beautiful #tbt #art #photography #photooftheday #like4like #instagood #fashion #happy #love #picoftheday #instagood #style #instadaily #imageconsultant #imageconsulting #imagecoach #kcbydivya #kseniaconsultation #thekseniatouch #onlinesessions #video #videoedits #videooftheday #quarantineandchill #quarantinelife #quarantine #follow

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We can’t deny the fact of how we are a part of the world who are privileged to enjoy this quarantine. If you’re lucky to witness these things then let me help you out here by adding a daily task. Find out what can you do to make it better for others. How can you make someone else’s life better?

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