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Do you like what you see in the mirror?

Fresh out of the shower, sweet scented aroma encircling you, steam of the shower is still on the mirror, you blowdry your hair loving the way it swirls around. Excited to wear your favorite dress, suit, outfit, feeling absolutely amazing after so long, you accessorise it with your favorite pair of earrings and you do your makeup, put gel on your hair, style it how you like it. You look in the mirror, and oh my god! You look stunning!

Feels amazing, doesn’t it? Why wouldn’t it? It is psychologically proven that the clothes that we wear have a great impact on the kind of attitude and thought pattern we exhibit. That is why, schools have uniforms, corporates have dress codes and homes have nightwear “Loungewear is outpacing other styles currently,” adding that to the top three best-selling styles online. I mean, come on, aren’t we all guilty of surfing through the net to look for those perfectly fitting joggers, wide-legged pants and silk shorts; because fear not, you’re not alone as because of us, the online market platform has seen a spurt in the demand and supply of nightwears, pajama sets, and personal grooming kits, clearly because of the paucity of our salon appointments.

Many of us have nailed that #quarantinelife proving that just because we are stuck in our homes, doesn’t mean we can’t slay the day! Like we usually did in our daily life before this lockdown. Many people are using this time to rebuild themselves, putting in efforts on making that healthy body, rejuvenating their mind with meditation and keeping their skin care game on point, and posting their journey of self reflexivity and relaxation on social media platforms with their face masks, grooming sets, and most of all-sleep accessories, YES! sleep accessories. That’s the main trend that has shot the roof off the online market base!

People born after 1998 have an estimated power of $44 billion in buying. As of now, 93% of the said people are the main influencing power in their household spending. Now, to answer the big question: “Why are people spending money and buying stuff in a lockdown when no one is going to see them?” Simple, because they are not investing THEIR money to please you, they are spending THEIR time and money to get the best of the best to please the one they see when they look in the mirror. YES! They are spending their hard earned income on THEMSELVES to make THEM feel special, pados wali aunty’s curiosity would be so heartbroken when she gets to know that the numerous packages that have been coming in are not from your ‘someone special’ but from online stores.

All of this spending and effort is not because you have to ‘show it off’ to someone, all these are simply because it makes you feel like gifting yourself and your body the kind of love and attention it deserves. After dressing for your job, for that occasion, or that post, you have that much right to dress up and look good for yourself to make you feel good.

Now that you have understood the significance of feeling good and looking good, we have something big coming up for you! *drumrolls please*

Launching our 14 new Feel Good, Look Good Programs to serve you even better than before! Hurry up, pre-register yourself to know everything about the programs before the world and get a chance to win something exciting. Wink Wink 😉

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