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“Shehar ki iss dordd mein dord kar karna kya hai? Agar yahi jeena hai doston, toh phir marna kya hai?”- Lage raho munna bhai. There is no question that before this quarantine we all wished to have a break from this fast paced life. But being stuck in our homes for the sake of the safety of ourselves and that of our dear ones, wasn't something any of us imagined. Some of you might agree with me that your “office office'' provided a more productive work environment than your home office. As an employee you have a duty towards the foundation of the company you work in and a promotion to prove yourself for. But, at the comfort of your heavenly abode you take that job, very lightly. Don't worry if you've been feeling less motivated to put in efforts in your job, because we have just the thing for you.



As common it may seem for helping you calm down and keeping your mental health in check, it is actually very exhilarating and calming.

Work it out!

Pick out what you like, take frequent short breaks. Read a book, cook something for yourself, take a stroll, listen to music. Something-to anything you want. Just get away from a screen.

Work friendly space

Build your own work environment. Take some of your spare time and give life to your vision of a perfect workplace. Bedazzle it to your liking, a feeling to fall in love with even while working.

Take it to the old town road

Let's bring out the old fashioned ways to communicate and catch up on our family dramas, reminisce some embarrassing moments with family. Let's go down the memory lane of our school times or college times. Spend time with your families and take a break from your work stress.

I (eye) care

Get out of your workplace, shut your laptop, leave your cell phone and close your eyes and sink into the silence. Sitting in silence and doing nothing is more calming than anything. While you're at it add a cucumber, because self care is important.

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Kapila Rattan Bhowmik
Kapila Rattan Bhowmik
05 may 2021

Really important tips to follow. Thank you for sharing

Me gusta
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