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Are you also waiting for the day to say, “I look like me”?

Body image and self-esteem start in the mind, not in the mirror.

“I’m fat”, “I’m too thin!”. Do you hear yourself say these words to yourself or your friends ever too often? “I think I need to go to the gym.” is something most of us have tried (if unsuccessfully). This is body image, it is how we view our body. On the other hand, self-esteem is the way we perceive our complete self.

When we say that we enjoy time to ourselves while we binge watch a show, what we can say is “I think I’m an introvert” is one such example.

As experts put it, a healthy approach towards body image by exercising good self-esteem is a sure sign of good mental health.

Lets take the example of Sierra Burgess from the popular Netflix movie Sierra Burgess is a Loser. Sierra has a crush on a guy who has a crush on a popular girl in school. When the popular girl requires Sierra’s help in studies, she makes a deal. Sierra talks to the guy over phone as the popular girl. The voice is hers, so is her personality but the face is someone else’s.

Now, we may not go to this extreme (or do, we don’t judge), but Sierra did. She tried to portray herself as the girl a guy has a crush on because she was too unsure of a positive reaction from him for her real self. Don’t get her wrong, she had a powerful personality, her daily mirror motto being “I’m a beast!”. But when it came to people, she often came short because she was fat.

We can style our personality in the many ways we like, make it as agreeable, as smart or as warm as we want. But, there are times when we feel inadequate in being able to represent who we are, ergo what our personality is, to the outside world. We may be able to learn how to apply mascara, but we don’t learn how to do it in a way that makes us happy, that we can look at in the mirror and say, “Yes, that’s me!”.

And we, at Ksenia can help you create that look. But that’s not all. Creating a look that spells your personality starts with spelling your personality. Like in the movie, Sierra is constantly trying to figure herself out for a college essay. As her ruse becomes complicated, so does her version of herself. However, as the ruse comes to an end, she starts to understand herself better.

We all can’t get a Noah Centineo to help us understand ourselves but you can start at Ksenia and its mindfulness modules, individually designed for each one of you.

Once we know who we are, representing that through our appearance is called image. Our image isn’t copying another person, image is creating the “Yes, that’s me!” look. A good self-representation empowers the mind and creates a cycle of healthy living.

Start creating your look. Start now, start with you.

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