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Relive your childhood with these movies!

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Today we have brought to you 9 movies that will brush up your childhood memories and bring a ton of positivity in your life in times of these crises. We bet you haven’t seen these movies in a long time. You can also watch these classics with the kids in your house, they will DEFINITELY love them !

  1. The Christmas chronicles – Kate and Teddy pierce wants to take a picture of Santa Claus on Christmas but their attempts set them upon a journey of a lifetime with Saint Jolly and his loyal elves to save the holiday before it is too late.

2. The chronicles of Narnia – This a series of movies based on fantasy novels written by C.S. Lewis. This is a story revolving around 4 children who accidentally discover a place called ‘Narnia’ . There they find battle wolves , talking animals, an evil white witch and a magnificent lion named ‘Aslan’ . Will they stay there? Watch it to find out! You can watch it here.

3. Coco – ‘Miguel’ wants to become a musician despite the anti-music ban on his family from generations. He follows his idol ‘Ernesto de la Cruz’ into the magical land of the dead and consequently uncovers his family’s history. Tap to watch.

4. Monster Inc. – ‘Boo’ a 2 year old little girl accidently follows ‘Sully’ , a blue colored monster into his world of monsters one night. Now it’s the job of ‘Sully’ and ‘Mike’ to protect her and hide her from everyone and return her back to her world. It is an all time classic and a highly rated movie. A must watch!

5. Finding Nemo – An all time favourite of ours personally, ‘Nemo’ is a story about a clown fish whose son goes missing after venturing into the vast ocean despite his father’s warnings. ‘Marlin’ in the quest of finding his son meets a blue fish named ‘ Dory’ . Will Marlin find his Son? Or will he be lost forever ? Watch to find out!

6. Stuart Little – It is a series of 3 movies about a family named ‘Littles’ who live in New York city and have a mouse who is human civilised called ‘Stuart’. It is a story about this family, how they got ‘Stuart’ and adventures that he sets them upon. Watch here.

7. Mowgli – ‘Mowgli’ is a child who is raised in the jungle by talking animals. His friends are ‘Babloo’ and ‘Bagheera’ , everybody loves and approves of ‘Mowgli’ except ‘Share Khan’.

This story shows his adventures and his confrontation with his human origins. You can watch it here.

8. The lion king – This is a story about ‘Simba’ a cub who is in line of succession to become the king of the jungle but his uncle plots against him and kills his father. What will Simba do? It is an excellent movie and kids will love it. Tap to watch.

9. Big Hero 6 – Hero is catapulted from the towns of san francisco to the midst of danger. He now with the help of his friends is determined to uncover the mystery behind this. Tap to watch.

So get on and get started. No more fighting on which movie to watch this weekend, just get the fam along and relive your childhood together. If this is one of your “self love” weekends, even better to binge watch these alone 😛

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