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Are you ready SQUADRON? Fall in line, ATTENTION!

Let me guess reading this you imagine tall, built men and women standing still with their hands at their side and chest popped, waiting for their captain’s orders. GREAT, keep that in mind, because first in line we have:


This tough and bad-ass woman has taught me to be professional, headstrong and fearless. Roza is the kind of person that is going to nag you for being a coward in front of bullies but will be there to put all of them in a body bag in no time with no evidence seen. She is going to stand with you in all your fights but will be standing in front of you to protect you, but won’t ever show it.


He has taught me loyalty and the best way to make a perfect sandwich. Charles has shown me that being loyal doesn’t always mean to be gullible, it means that you value and trust your people no matter the situation.

It might not always be all, ‘rainbows and unicorns’ but selflessly loving and respecting your people is something really precious and I’m glad that I had a boyle man teach me that.


This amazingly talented woman has taught me that no one can try to school you when you’re the goddamn headmistress, or when you’re pretending to be😉.

She has taught me that confidence and the determination to win can never fail you into not getting what you want. She is the actual representation of “walk like the queen or walk like you don’t care who the queen is.”

Get bedazzled yourself by watching season 6 episode 15


Terry loves love. Terrence Jeffords has been an inspiration to me in many aspects, one of those being: leadership.

Terry leads the squad with such perseverance and great responsibility which is shown by the fact that he never let his team down. Terry is the father of 3 kids- oh , I mean 9 kids, forgot about his grownup kids; the squad is like a family for Terry and he is the proud mama hen. He was always there, either to clear up Jake’s mess or give a shoulder to Roza to cry on, just like a true leader and friend.


Amy for me is like looking in a mirror, the perfectionist, organisational enthusiast.

Amy is a confident and by far the most strong-willed woman who had the honor of becoming the youngest female Sergeant. A proud feminist like Amy did not step down from taking a molester to justice keeping in mind that “2 steps forward and one step back is still one step forward” and “if any one person steps forward it inspires rest to come forward as well”, and I couldn’t agree more.


Jake is an amazing detective/genius. As amazing of a detective Peralta is, he is also passionate and sometimes childish. Jake has shown me that working with passion can turn even the most serious jobs fun!- I mean, crime, oh no!. Jake’s goofiness and childishness turns every serious situation funny and calm or in some cases, a hot mess. Despite his tragic childhood of his dad abandoning him, he has the will to protect and serve his people and his loved ones.

Speaking of Jake’s dad…


Captain Ray Holt, an eccentric commanding officer, and his diverse and quirky team of odd detectives solve crimes in Brooklyn, New York City.”

This is how Google describes Captain Holt, but someone who is a great admirer of him has a different take. Commanding, he is but to have that position and command he had to struggle and fight because of being a gay, black detective. Captain Holt has taught me to not stand down under any circumstances if you feel that you’re in for the right cause, even if you have to fight with the system or your superiors. Captain has been a DAD to Jake and a role model for me and I guess all the Nine-Niners will agree with me.

During this quarantine we’re with our family and maybe some of us are not, but this, this feels a whole lot like family too.

SQUADRON, at ease. That’s all for today.


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