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These thrillers will stay with you for life!

Who doesn’t like a scare once in a while? I absolutely love it and that is why I have put together a list of movies that will send chills down your spine and release that post-traumatic dopamine that we thoroughly enjoy! These movies WILL SCARE YOU and might make you QUESTION a thing or two about yourselves.

  1. Contagion – I watched this movie way back and never expected it to age so beautifully. A deadly virus outbreak puts whole world to a halt. Sounds familiar enough, right? In real world we haven’t found a vaccine yet, watch this movie to find out if fiction has a vaccine!

  1. Black Mirror – A British television series like no other! I bet you have never imagined in your wildest dreams how technology and science can be used so insanely! Intense and mind-bending! This one has to be my personal favourite. Watch it here –

  1. Birdbox(2018) – What if I told you that with your perfect pair of eyes you have to live wearing a blindfold for the rest of your life? Sounds crazy, right? Watch this movie to find out why ‘Malorie Hayes’ had to do this. Her 2 little children and an insanely thrilling situation! I bet the movie’s ending will BLOW your mind! Watch it here –

  1. Pandemic – With all the fear of the coronavirus lets not forget the importance of a classic zombie thriller that might make your own problems look a little less prominent!

Pandemic depicts the outbreak of a deadly virus that can turn humans into monstrous cannibals that take out anyone not already affected by the disease. This movie is shot in POV mode that is similar to the first-person shooting games. It is NOTHING LIKE that you have seen before, the direction of this movie gave us some serious jump scares a truly thrilling experience!

  1. A Quiet Place – To all my extrovert readers, Can you imagine a world where you have to live without making any sound, let alone talk! I know you won’t imagine this in wildest of your dreams. But this movie does it! Watch how a family lives in absolute “mum” to save themselves from creatures that hunt by sound. This movie is going to keep you ON YOUR TOES throughout its screen time, don’t worry it will end with a pleasant climax. Wink Wink.

  1. The Silence – Now if you feel that ‘A quiet place’ ended too soon or you need another part to watch that is equally enthrilling. ‘The Silence’ is the movie for you. Although the concept of the movie is the same, I found it to be a little MORE DARK AND VISUAL than ‘A quiet place’. Mysterious creatures add an interesting cult culture twist to make it more interesting. Watch it here:

These movies kept me on the edge of my sofa, what about you? How did you feel about the ending of ‘The Birdbox’? And how different do you think ‘The Silence’ is from ‘A quiet place?’

Let us know in the comments down below. If you think you got more enthrilling suggestions, comment down below and give us some good time-killers!

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