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This is the secret behind love! YJHD STYLE

On a trekking trip, an introvert falls for a charming ex-classmate, whose thirst for adventure drives them apart. Years later, their paths cross again. This is how Netflix describes the movie that had all of us gushing, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. I remember being so excited about watching the movie which starred Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor especially after their break up. Uff the mountains, the nerd and the charming hippie. It made all of us see love beyond fairytales.

But now that I was watching it after 7 long years I understood exactly why Naina, Aditi, Avi and Bunny were friends and why Naina and Bunny could work things out. I understood exactly what love meant and I am here to share my secret diary scribbles.

  1. Love is honour

The movie begins with someone sending out wedding invitations (Aditi/Kalki Koechlin). She writes one to “Bunny” and quickly corrects it by addressing it to Kabir Thapar. That scene hit home, it was just like when you run down the memory lane thinking about old friends and saying their real name is almost alien? So clearly it has been years since they have been in touch but still reaches out to him for her big day.

2. Love is self love

Naina’s college days had her recoiling in stress that came with being a medical student. You’ll also see her glance at her reflection in a departmental store, rather unhappily? That one leap of faith was her first step towards self love. She fell in love with who she was before she could open her heart to Bunny.

3. Love is freedom

By that I don’t mean that you separate yourself from each other but you support one another to do the wildest shit. Its love when Bunny’s dad got him a backpack though he was scared of letting him go. Its love when Naina didn’t tell Bunny that she loved him because she wanted to give him freedom to go after his dreams.

4. Love is having each others back

Aditi is getting married to Taran and how do we meet him? Taran’s engagement ring falls in the pool and he dives right in without a second thought and when Aditi rushes to check on him the first thing he says is, “you look beautiful, Aditi!”

It was super fun to watch Naina and Bunny spy on the grooms dance performance just because Naina really wanted to be the best, you know?

5. Love is respecting differences

“Tu right nahi hai Naina, bas mujhse bohot alag hai.”, says Bunny.

“Janti hu”, with a beautiful smile replies Naina.

6. Love is appreciation

There is nothing like the mountains to set the mood of romance. But what happened between Naina and Bunny wasn’t romance. It was genuine appreciation. Bunny could see how fun, kind and dhasu Naina is and you know what? He found the words to say it.

7. Love Is A Safe Place

They could be wild and careless together, it didn’t matter if that the trek to bhoota parvat meant something extremely different to both of them but what mattered was they understood each other to do it together. Isn’t that what love is about?

Kuch logo ke saath bas waqt bitane se sab theek ho jata hai.

8. Love Is Communication

It was crystal clear, no wrong expectations. How simple is it to say what’s in our heart?

The oh-so romantic proposal. BRB I am crying, just watch it here with me.

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