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THE LANGUAGE OF LOVE OR OBSESSION? Taking cues from Joe Goldberg of ‘YOU’

Do you like to hold hands with your partner? Do they smile at you when you suddenly look at them? Do they hold you close when you are in a public outing?

If you and/or your partner tend to this, it is an example of a language all of us speak, body language. Body language is exactly what it sounds like, we use our bodies; our hands, feet, even eye movement to convey what we are thinking or feeling. Body language experts can easily decipher the chemistry a couple shares just by LOOKING at them. Creepy? Only if you are not like Joe from the Netflix original YOU.

Keeping jokes aside, your body language around your boo is your biggest tell. Having a fight? Too hot for him/her? Madly in love? It’ll show, given you know how to read it. We have the secrets coming right from the archives of our consultant to help you read this language of body. Only if you promise not to turn to Joe Goldberg haha… no seriously.

Let’s meet Beck and Joe. (Spoilers ahead)

Look at these two, madly in love. Or are they? Here Beck is playing cute, she feels warm and safe hence closes her eyes and she’s leaning in towards Joe for a kiss. She is also being playful as she quickly sneaks a peek at his lips to show that she wants to kiss him. What about Joe though? He was in love with Beck the moment he saw her, but what does his body language say right now?

He WANTS IT. Obviously. However, take a closer look. He carefully keeps his hand on her shoulder, so that he can be in control of the pace of the kiss. He is also a little skeptical as he feels that Beck might leave him if she knew how many people he’s killed for her… err love. He has also closed his eyes and is more stiff than relaxed as he anticipates her next move. Love is tough, Joe.          

Let’s see here, well Beck has figured out what Joe has been up to. She realises the love of her life is a serial killer. You can see her slouched shoulders admitting defeat, she’s leaning towards him only to beg him to let her out of the cage. She feels sorry for Joe, hints of love and affection trace Beck’s face but not for long. Joe seems to be stiff here as he believes that he did was right in the name of love and pleads through his expression to Beck so that he could reason with her and get her back.

Well, only if we understood body language better, we would understand the language of love or err.. obsession?

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