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8 Tips To Reduce NegativeThoughts And Be Happy

It’s not always easy to always keep a positive outlook with a smile on your face and

accepting whatever life throws at you, especially in these times where the void in

life because of the loss of loved ones seems to be much greater than taking care of

your own health. We believe that as easy as it is to fall in a slump of negativity, it is

just as easy to come out of it; better, if not the same. Sometimes all one needs is a

direction, a guide, a way that seems blurry sometimes. We will always be there to

show you and guide you but it will always be you who’ll have to make your way

through life. This is where positive thinking plays a great role and positive thinking

can be defined as positive imagery, positive day-to-day talk with your own self, or

general optimism.

Where positive thinking has the power to lift mood, a single negative thought has

the power to bring down your mood and spirit for the rest of the day ahead.

1. Start The Day RIGHT


TODAY!”, do not be fooled, the person saying these phrases has slept through 3

alarms got late for the important meeting, heard an earful from their boss, and all in

all had a very bad start to their morning but you didn’t think that now did you?

This is what positive affirmations do to you, no matter what happens starting off the

day with an “I AM GOING TO MAKE THIS DAY MY BI****!” The vibe really makes a huge

difference because what you present to the universe comes back to you, if you

keep a positive forefront it’ll be more than likely to have a good day (after the nagging

form your boss or client) ahead.

2. Transform Negative INTO Positive

It’s very easy to talk down to oneself because the one that is supposed to protect

you from these negative (and not true) ideas is actually the one saying these things.

Imagine your best friend, sister, or someone quite special to you saying these

things to themselves in front of you, would you stop them? Of course, you would,

you love that person, and witnessing them saying such bad things about themselves

would break your heart. Now if you would do this for someone else why not for


Next time a negative thought crosses your mind you change its interpretation, “I

don’t look good today, because I look awesome today!” (which you do BTW).

3. Find The Good In All!

It’s the small things that matter. I remember I was in sixth grade, I had just entered

my class and was going towards my seat when I noticed that everybody had a

candy in their hands and by the time reached my seat I noticed one waiting for me at my seat, with a handwritten note stuck to it, it read, ”Keep spreading positivity wherever you go, good morning!” And I remember it clear as day, I was smiling as I read that and then our homeroom teacher came in and told us that it was, in fact, her that left these treats for us, believe me when I say this that sweet gesture turned my day around. That incident still has the power to bring a smile to my face, but it had the weight to change my entire day.

4. Laugh Out Loud

Once a great person said,” I’m not so good with advice, can I interest you in a

sarcastic comment?” I think he was on to something because nailing humor in

your darkest moments is a symbol of great strength (and a good set of funny

bones). What I’ve learned in life is to make bad decisions, bad choices because those

will probably make a good story for a laugh later. And if someone after your great joke says that “oh God! You need therapy”, go ahead and say “no honey I need a mimosa!”

5. Words Make the Man

Little changes in your language can change the way you think and how you act.

Whenever someone greets you and asks how you’re doing, do you answer with

“fine” or “not too bad”? Think about just what this language is communicating to

others… and yourself.

I always answer with “great,” “fantastic,” or “amazing.” Not only does this remind me

that life really is great, but it usually helps the other person shift toward a positive

attitude as well.

Also, take some time to look at the way your inner voice talks to you. Is that

language positive or negative? If it’s overly critical or negative, it may be time to tap

into some mindfulness meditation in order to shift your inner critic to an inner


6. Become A Feel-Good Person

Don’t you feel great when you receive a compliment from someone else? Well, if

you want to receive more, then start giving them out and watch what happens to

the people around you.

If you don’t feel like writing a letter, send a nice text to someone who recently

helped you out, or send an email thanking your colleague for always helping you.

As Ms. Divya Aggarwal says, “ Give credit wherever due, that’s the most

honorable thing you can do.”

7. Surround Yourself With Positive People

I cannot emphasize on this fact enough that YOU ARE THE SUM TOTAL OF THE

FIVE PEOPLE, you spend the most time with. It's only natural to pick up their

lifestyle, goals, habits, and mental attitude. Be mindful of your mental

neighborhood. Be picky of the people around you because they shape you.

8. Recharge Your Batteries

One key to adopting a positive attitude is to take time off and rejuvenate. This might

mean taking a few hours on the weekend to read a positive book or taking a few

weeks for a holiday. Having a day set aside as a “sabbatical day” rejuvenates you, where you simply switch off from the outside world and spend time doing things you love.

These tips will surely help you start an entropy change in your mindset. Remember, our mind is always filled with both negative and positive thoughts and our mindset is the sum total of the thoughts we feed, positive or negative. The decision is yours.

Ksenia Consultation has launched a program for people who want to be more

mindful, inculcate behavior change, learn how to break a bad habit, and make

good habits. This program helps you out in the REAL world, learn techniques

that you can apply in your day-to-day life.

Let us know how did you apply these tips in your life and how did these help you in

the comment section below. Your success story is just one step away.

Start Now, Start With You.


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