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Amidst the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus, it has been stressful and god was I losing sleep over it?

We are worried about our families and friends. Our generation has never faced such a catastrophe, people are forced to stay in quarantine and city wide lockdowns have been imposed. Well, if we think about it, our grandfathers were asked to fight wars and we are just asked to sit at home?! Pfft and to think we could do that right?


We can’t see our friends and boyfriends/girlfriends (DAMN THOSE BOOTY CALLS), those who live away from their homes can not see their families for a while now, and coming from someone who lives in a joint family? I envy you XD.

This social distancing might make us feel lonely or depressed, combined with the anxiety of the outbreak leads to a very uncomfortable mental situation. This leads to a disturbed sleep cycle and restlessness. At times like these, it is all the more important for us to have a good sleep to ensure proper and healthy functioning of our body.

So here are a few tips that helped me get a good sleep and maintain a peace of mind in these difficult circumstances, I hope it helps you too!


Ignore rumors and focus on facts. Media, both print and electronic is filled with alarming headlines and articles. These are not necessarily always true, a lot of rumors and fake news are created for the sole purpose of fearmongering to generate views for their articles. One should always trust news only from credible sources like WHO and official government websites.


It’s a testing time for all us. We are anxious and confused, almost enough to be wishing that this was a dream. It’s difficult but we are in this together. Come, grab a yoga mat or cushion. Light your favourite candles and some camphor (absorbs negative energy and is a know disinfectant) We’ve got you covered with this meditation video. Every time you feel like you’re losing control, repeat after us, “I’m in control, I’m safe and I’m guided.” 🙏 Ksenia fam stay strong because we have more for you and we’re here for you♥️ FULL VIDEO ON IGTV! REGISTER WITH US FOR MORE. • • #imageconsultant #imageconsulting #imagecoach #kcbydivya #kseniaconsultation #thekseniatouch #SelfCare #selfcareeveryday #selfcareday #SelfCareIsHealthcare #selfcarecoach #selfcareboss #selfcarefirst #corona #coronavirus #covid #covid_19 #postoftheday #bloggerlife #bloggersofinstagram #bloggercommunity #photooftheday #igers #video #socialdistancing #meditation #meditate #peace #peaceofmind #peaceful #peaceful

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 Meditation is always a great way to relieve stress. It calms your mind and makes you more peaceful. It is always a great habit to have, with all this time in hand why not pick up a good habit for your mental health! And if it seems a bit hectic to do on your own, hop onto Ksenia Consultation’s ‘gram and get started.

3. EX- T̶R̶A̶ ̶F̶R̶I̶E̶S̶ ERCISE

Exercise increases the blood flow in the body and also makes you tired which will definitely help you sleep at night. Any type of exercise works , which can be weights if you have them at home or stretching , yoga and if everything fails help in household cleaning. Wake up and get going. Pick up that broom and duster, put on a bollywood party playlist

and see your mom look at you like Jaya Bachchan from K3G.

Just don’t do it very close to bedtime.


 It is an undeniable fact that a lot of people have died due to this virus , but the fact that much more have recovered than the people who died can not be underestimated. Picking out the silver lining isn’t always bad . However , one should not mistake it with false hope and only try to find good in legitimate facts.

5. Keep OFF your phone

Try to keep off the phone an hour before bedtime , cutting out news of any sort before bedtime helps in maintaining mental peace. Put 2 drops of essential oil on your pillow helps you fall asleep fast and hard!


Our Image consultant Divya Aggarwal will bring 21 new tips for the next 21 days that will make you the BEST YOU! Follow our instagram highlight on @kseniaconsultation and use this 21 DAYS to the most.

In hard times like these, start now and start with you!

Happy Quarantine! 😉

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