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Are You The Beautiful Kind?

Slim waist, toned body, acne free face, angular jaw, silky hair, puffy lips, popped up chest, 5’8” tall and the looks to die for. No? It’s all good. Don’t worry we’re not going to start with, “if you don’t look like that, what will they say”. Well that’s the pressure we all face, isn’t it?

It starts from an early age, we hear things like, “don’t eat that, you’re going to get fat”, “don’t jump around, you’ll scar yourself”, “don’t cry, boys don’t cry”, “be a man”,”shorty”, “too dusky”, “so big eyes” “specsy”,”nerdy”,”loner”, UGH! Who made such rules?

“Sadly, I did, you don’t know me? I am the reason girls are supposed to have fresh, baby skin and manners like a sophisticated lady , I am the definition by which men are looked up to achieve a buffed up body and work to earn for the family. I build the convention of the idealistic role model that everyone looks up to. Still can’t guess? I am society. “I made the definition of ‘perfect’.”

The perfect figure, the perfect person, and the perfect line. This line determines the perfect and the not-so-perfect. You ought to starve yourself but not too much, you should be tall but not more than a guy, you should seem bulky or you’re not a man, you shouldn’t have a belly because that’s disgusting, don’t talk too much, sit like a lady you shouldn’t have any scars on your body, and when you have achieved that perfectly perfect body and status, people start talking and society expects you to keep quiet and listen. But, but ,why do we have to look like the way society wants us to? why can’t w- ;

Oops! Looks like they forgot to give the disclaimer. But if you look carefully you’ll see that their norms of beauty didn’t work out, which means it’s outdated, and has to be UP-dated.

Let’s build our own definition of beauty. Dark skin tone- beautiful, thin lips- beautiful, bossy attitude- beautiful, thoughts against societal thinking- absolutely beautiful. That’s all it has to be. You don’t have to be someone else to be beautiful. Beauty is how you see yourself. Your skin tone, your mesmerizing eyes, your bold personality, confidence, your curvy…smile. That’s yours and that in itself is more than perfect.

Accept your flaws and work on your strengths, that’s what makes you beautiful. That’s what we are here for!

Start now. Start with you.

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