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Every morning I wake up and find a pantsuit in my wardrobe that’ll take me to work, but this isn’t just a uniform that ties me to my profession of transforming people, creating an image and harbouring strength in individuals, but it’s a love affair that began in the 2000’s.

It happened at such a young age, that looking back at it now seems unfathomable that I would be the one singing love songs for this extraordinary piece of clothing, an experience. Let me take you to the year 2009, when young Divya Aggarwal was to set foot on the stage for an inter-school competition, where different schools compete with the finest of other schools over a series of different contests. It was exhilarating to be in the centre of a stage. These competitions ask for a fixed dress code and to my luck, it was a pantsuit. But just like every other kid at that age, a formal pantsuit did not exist in my wardrobe. So, naturally I went to buy the said clothing, and I remember feeling so awkward and foreign because a pantsuit for a 12 year old belonged more to boardroom meetings than it did for her. I remember the colour options navy, black, grey, indigo, beige, taupe, it was endless and the fits? It had me so confused that I ended up picking the one I saw in my dad’s wardrobe once. A black blazer, tailored fit, 2 buttons and it was shorter than what I remember seeing on my dad. The black sheen of the fabric reminded me of a lawyer’s jacket, a bonus if you want to win a debate.

Then came the day of the event, I was walking around the auditorium aisles, like I normally do, but I remember one of my friends raised her eyebrows with a look of bewilderment on her face. She said, “You look different, you’re walking differently too.” I looked at her thinking hard about what she meant, to which she exclaimed, “YOU WON! Right? That’s a victory walk.” and that is when I know what it was, the power of the Suit.

Those who’ve experienced it, can’t get enough of it and those who haven’t are in for a ride. And believe me the feeling is that of victory. The feel of wearing a crisp ironed white shirt layered with a blazer that makes for a power suit, should be like any person’s conquering outfit. Fast forward to the year 2020 where I have strategized the power of more than 25 kinds of power suits, the shape, colour, fabric, texture, occasion and how to embody it for your goal. It’s safe to say that I have met my soulmate. Have you found the power suit that’s meant for you?

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