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This is how bollywood’s sweetheart revamps her image

People see you the way you present yourself to the people. And that is exactly what image is.

Sonam K. Ahuja is a novel example of image creation, never shying away from showing the world exactly who she is. While the bold choices signify her confidence in herself, the perfection she carries her outfits with marks her grace and charm.

Her debut in Hindi cinema in 2007 starts from movies like Sawariya, Delhi 6 and I Hate Luv Storys, in which she portrays the simple middle class girl. It was a time when Sonam herself was young, her style giving the chirpy, girl next door vibes. In real life, she was seen wearing short summer dresses complete with headbands and cute earrings. In her more elitist and classy roles, like in the movie Aisha (2009), she pulls off, with little effort, an elite Delhi girl. She was able to transition between the two spectrums with ease. Why was that? The stylists understood the image required to be shown.

With movies like Ranjhanna (2013), where she played a young girl from a humble background. It was during this time that her off-screen, personal style started evolving into a fresh combination of self-confidence, grace and humility. This was carried through in roles like Neerja (2018). Hindustan Times’ Rohit Vats wrote that “she carries [the film] entirely on her shoulder. She looks earnest, scared, benevolent and bold, all at the same time.”

Apparent through her diverse movie roles, K. Ahuja can adapt well to the image in question.

In her real life, be it the remarkably grand Cannes outfits again, radiating confidence suited to the occasion, or playing the street look, seen more in recent times for Bhaane, a contemporary styling company run by her husband, Sonam does it with style. And that is Sonam K. Ahuja’s image.

An image is a person’s constant presentation to the world. It’s not just about wearing labels or showing off designer accessories, if a person can’t carry them, wear them with the dignity that the person deserves, such things will be redundant.

Think of image as a perfume you wear, it starts with you, you must like the scent, but eventually it flows to people around you and influence their perception of you. This makes it even more important to pick a good perfume. In other words, it is important to manage your image well.

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