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RESET 2024

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Proven Strategies for Effective Time Management and Goal Setting. Join us for a transformative Time Management and goal-setting Power-packed 90 mins workshop that will help you take control of your life and reach your goals. The event is a "Time Management & Goal-Setting Workshop." This Workshop is for you if you are: Someone who's confused about your next step every day Can’t manage work and personal life Procrastination and over-thinking are your best friend Want to achieve everything but don’t know HOW Are having relationship conflicts due to a lack of management Want a routine for a healthy lifestyle but nothing works or you Are unhappy and regretting the time you are wasting every day Have zero productivity which makes you hate your job Often feeling overwhelmed & fighting with distractions that stop you from doing even the bare minimum Someone who ends up wasting hours scrolling social media which makes you feel unfulfilled Someone who spends time procrastinating and can only get work done at the last minute, a victim of urgency addiction Resentful about how much time you have already Wasted in life doing NOTHING worthwhile Incapable of saying 'NO' to people which leads to your success being on the backburner It is designed to provide you with valuable insights, strategies, and practical guidance on how to effectively manage your time and set and achieve your goals. The workshop aims to help you take control of your lives, increase productivity, and work toward your personal and professional aspirations for 2024!! The unique aspect of this event is the emphasis on providing 12 different ways to get your life back in order. Under the guidance of an experienced and highly renowned globally certified coach, you can expect to learn a variety of approaches, techniques, and methods to bring more order and balance into your lives as you approach the end of the year and head toward December 31st, 2023. These 12 ways may cover a wide range of aspects, from time m

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