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Become The Master Of Your Time & Goals

  • 9Weeks
  • 12Steps
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In just 6 weeks get over procrastination & learn techniques used by TOP CEO'S to transform yourself for the year 2023. Coach will guide you step-by-step through a comprehensive range of easy-to-follow concepts This is for YOU if you are: - Someone who's confused about THE next step every day  - Who often feels overwhelmed & is constantly fighting distractions - Someone who ends up wasting hours- scrolling on social media - Someone who spends time procrastinating and ends up working at the last minute; - Resentful about how much time you've already wasted - Incapable of saying 'NO' to people; which leads to YOUR success on the back-burner - Does NOT have a work and personal life balance - Procrastination and over-thinking are your BEST friends - Having relationship conflicts due to a lack of priorities - Who wants a routine for a healthy lifestyle but nothing seems to work - Frustrated and regretful about the time you waste every day - You hate working Studying this advanced course on time management, you can gain the skills needed to influence positive changes in your personal as well as professional life. This course comes with FULL access to - 6 sessions of 90 mins each - Self-paced assignments to track your progress - A thorough & exclusive list of motivational & self-help books - Bite-sized modules that are easy to understand & apply - The flexibility to learn anywhere, anytime, or on any device means you are in TOTAL control

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