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Be Your Own Stylist: Beginner Level

  • 10Days
  • 3Steps


Elevate Your Style, Boost Confidence, Make an Lasting Impression & Stand Out with Expert Styling Techniques by A Celebrity Stylist This is for you if you: - Have a wardrobe full of clothes but don't have ANYTHING TO WEAR? - We assume we don't look good because of our own body or lifestyle - Always end up wearing the SAME thing repeatedly because it's safe & tested? - Your current wardrobe doesn't work for you anymore? - Shopping does not help anymore because you don't know what to shop. Topics To Be Covered: Day 1: Discovering & Understanding Personal Style Introduction to personal style and its significance Day 2: Color Analysis and Wardrobe Basics Understanding color theory and its impact on your appearance Day 3: Dressing for Different Occasions & Understanding Accessories and Styling Tips Decoding dress codes and appropriate attire for various events Tips for dressing professionally, casually, and for special occasions Creating a Capsule wardrobe Choosing the right accessories for your outfits This course looks at the problems people face while building their fashion image, & how a working individual/stay-at-home individual can incorporate current fashion trends & learn the art of clustering & building a wardrobe with ease & on a budget in their day-to-day life with the CURRENT PIECES lying in your wardrobe. You will learn about the importance of Personal styling i.e. presenting yourself and the key skills required to be 'PUT TOGETHER'.

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