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This One Mistake Can Ruin Your Life

Today, I am here to bring your attention to this huge mistake all of us have been making. Day in and day out, we are victims of this mistake and it's ruining our lives.

Every time you don't prioritize yourself, you're letting the entire universe and the people in it know that you're not worth it. Every time you don't dress up for a day that you're working from home, you're telling yourself that it is not important, you are not IMPORTANT. You're telling yourself that you're living for others and you're not a priority.

We know life is not that easy and just by reading this, you’ll not be able to change yourself that’s why we are here to advise you, to always stand beside you, support you, teach you, help you grow, and make you a success story.

Recently, a woman just like you visited us and her journey brought tears to our eyes. How she dealt with being a working mom where her own ambitions got lost somewhere. She felt defeated like all of us after a long day but she didn't stop.

Here's how;

Our client Kapila Rattan Bhowmik, who’s a hard-working woman and an amazing mother. She started her journey with us on 24th November 2020 and here she is telling how she let go of that one mistake she's been making.

I Am Happy

I am happy to be writing this today.

I am happy to be seeing a better version of myself.

I know there is a long way to go still but I am glad I started my journey of discovering myself.

This is a gratitude post for all that I have learned so far with Divya and Ksenia Family.

We learn so many things in school. I wish they taught us life skills of managing emotions. It is amazing to understand and use these really important skills of a lifetime.

Thank you, Divya for introducing me to Emotional intelligence.

Who doesn't love the comfort of working from home in the pajamas right? And I have been in my home clothes for months now (no no not the same clothes). Divya in my first session itself made me understand the importance of changing clothes and changing my mindset. It has been a game-changer for my enthusiasm for starting my workday.

With Divyas's support and Motivation, I have moved from no view of the day to a point where I have been able to pen down something in the morning after my visualization, and then things happened exactly the way I visualized.

Thank you, Divya for instilling the power of visualization in me.

I am so grateful to the Ksenia family and Divya for the little progress I have made so far.

Looking forward to many more sessions of discovering me.”

So many times we compromise without thinking for a second. 1 month has already passed, do you want to sit there and compromise? Forget how important you are?

Your plans are important, Your dreams are important, your emotions are important, your love for yourself is important or the dress you have in your cart for months is important.

Just 90 minutes- A risk of 90 minutes can change your entire life.

Start Now, Start With You.

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